Maranta Trio Star

Maranta Trio Star

Maranta leuconeura or commonly known as tricolor maranta is a plant native to South America specifically from the humid forests of Brazil. Undoubtedly it is an exotic beauty that thanks to its red and oval leaves offer a great chromatic contrast.

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Maranta Trio Star
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The Star Maranta is friendly with pets, since they do not pose any toxic risk. It is essential not to leave it exposed to direct sunlight, since it can affect the color of its leaves, it is also important that the substrate must remain cloudy especially in summer, in this way it will grow and its radiant colors will be maintained.


The colors of its leaves will be better manifested in an environment with a lot of light but without direct sun.

Watering: This should be moderate and only when the surface is dry. In summer, watering every 3 or 4 days is recommended.

Climate: The maranta is a tropical plant, which means that the ideal climate is between 20ºC and 28ºC, temperatures below 10ºC should be avoided.


It is believed that the tricolor maranta is the plant of prayer, since at night its leaves close imitating this action, which provides a spectacle for its expectant

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