Our mission

We think about the planet, our commitment is Go Green!

Through Green Ladybug, we take care of the distribution and sale of indoor and outdoor plants, florals, accessories for gardening and botanicals.

Our plants comply with all the normative regulations of Spain and the European Union for the care and protection of the environment such as the International Convention for the Protection of Plant Varieties, Law 30/2006 on seeds and nursery plants and phytogenetic resources, regime legal protection of plant varieties, general regulations on the production of seeds and nursery plants, general technical regulation for the control and certification of seeds and nursery plants.

With the above, we contribute to the conservation of native forests since our plants come from certified nurseries, thus preventing deforestation and caring for biodiversity and our natural resources.

Our clients become actors of change for each conscious purchase, a contribution is made to our commitment to the planet and society. Contributing to the reduction of the climate crisis of the planet.

Our vision

At Green Ladybug, through the sale and distribution of plants, we will be one of the main companies contributing to the recovery from the climate crisis. Bringing freshness to homes, absorption of Co2 and generating oxygen for the planet.

We will be great contributors to the main foundations in Spain and the European Union focused on the recovery of the environment. Thus generating processes of conservation and recovery of the endangered and vulnerable ecosystems of Spain and the European Union.

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